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Printers Copiers Scanners

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All BPS Staff will be given a copy/print code.

You will need to input this code to make copies and to retrieve documents you have sent to print.

Students do not need a code to print from any lab computer.


To Scan:


To Print: 

  • Sign into the network
  • When printing your document be sure you have selected the networked printer you want.
  • Go to that printer, input your copy/print code on the Equitrac Box and select PRINT.
  • You can print ALL of your documents at once, or hit SELECT. A list of your documents will appear. You can choose what you would like printed. You can also delete a document. 


To Copy:

  • Enter your copy/print code on the Equitrac Box and select COPY
  • Set your original on the glass or in the auto feed.
  • Make your selections for quantity, paper source, size, etc. on the touch screen of the copier. 
  •  Hit Green Start Button.



To Fax:

  • You do not need a copy/print code to fax.
  • On the printer, hit the Facsimile Button
  • Place your document on glass plate or auto feed.
  • Enter the Fax number - remember to dial 9 then the number with area code if necessary
  • Hit the Green Start Button 


To Fax using Sharp MX-4501N 

  • Hit the IMAGE SEND button
  • Choose the MODE SWITCH button then choose FAX
  • Enter the Fax number - remember to dial 9 then the number with area code if necessary
  • Hit the Black "start" button 

     Click here for a more detailed user guide to fax with Sharp MX-4501N 



To Recieve a Fax:

  • Each building has an Email Account where the incoming faxes are sent to
  • go to the Staff Access page and select Web Email
  • Sign in using the fax account username and password
  • You can now view, print, forward, or delete the fax messages.


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