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Google Tools

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Beatrice Public School's Google Apps Help Site


Other Google Help Links:

Google Apps Instructional Site

Google Apps Tutorial Site

Google Apps User Guides


Gmail  BPS Gmail Link: https://mail.google.com/a/bpsnebr.org

     Gmail Instructions

     Gmail Quick Guide

     Import Personal Contacts from Lotus Notes

     Import Personal Contacts from another Gmail account



Google Search Features

Easy searches and reference tools.


Free Tech 4 Teachers - Google Tutorials

Free Tech 4 Teachers is a wonderful educational resource - this link takes you to some of their Google information.


Google Docs

Create documents and save in google docs to access on any computer in the world!! You can upload your Excel or Word document to Google Docs!



The following links have instructions for using Google Docs.

How to use Google Docs


On-Line Google Docs User Guide

Google Docs in the Classroom


Google Groups

Create a Group to collaborate with your building, other grade level teachers, your class....send documents, instruction, assignments....get feed back from people in your group!



The 5 minute video below shows how to create a quiz using Google Forms.



Google calendar is Web based calendar service from Google.  You can share your Google Calendar, embed it on your webpage, invite others to add events...you can even have reminders sent such as test reminders and test schedules to your students. It is accessable from anywhere and easy to use!

Sync Google Calendar to your Phone

Sync Google Calendar to MS Outlook



Customize your google homepage to work better for you! Add your Google Calendar to your homepage for easy access!


iGoogle.pdf -




Google Gadgets for your webpage 


Google Earth

User guide 

Install Google Earth 5.0








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