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Cool and useful Websites

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Hopefully, you will find many ways to put the tools found in the following websites to use in student projects and in your own web pages.

(and some of them are just FUN!!) 


Carol Oltman's Educational Resource Site 


Cool Tools for School 

This is a VERY useful site for all kinds of image, video, audio tools!


Free Tech for Teachers  - FAVORITE!!

This has tons of free resources for teachers who would like to use technology in their classroom!


Internet for Classrooms

Lots of tutorials for teachers and students. Topics include MS Office, Explorer, data collection, etc!


Great Teacher Resource Site

LOTS of resources…clipart…links to tutorials about anything!....research links…etc!!


Teachers guide to digital storytelling.pdf

This document is a great resource for creating digital projects in your classroom! 



FREE on-line file conversion.  Upload a file, choose the format you want it to be, enter your email address - in just a short time they will email you the converted file!!


File Converter

Another great on-line file conversion site!


On-Line PDF Converter

Easily convert a pdf document to word to make it editable. Retains formatting - good site!!


Fill any PDF

You can upload a pdf and make changes, fill out forms, etc


OCR Recognition 

You can use this service to extract text from any image you supply.



A simple tool that makes reading on the Web more enjoyable by removing the clutter around what you're reading.



Upload 12 - 15 pictures and some music and this site will create a fun 30 second video for you for FREE. You can go to the site and get the file/html code and add it to your website - or share it in an number of ways! The following video is a simple example:


You Send it

If you have a large file you need to send someone, and email will not work, just upload your file to this site. An email notification will be sent to the recipient along with a link to the file. They can click on the link, then download the file!


Paper Rater

You can upload (or copy/paste) a document to this site, and it will check for plagiarism, spelling, grammar, give suggestions for wording, rate the paper for content, etc!


The Fodey Generator 

Create a "newpaper" article and other fun projects


Image Chef 

drop pictures in frames, make mosaics, use your poems to create animated projects - lots of fun things!!


Big Huge Labs

Fun site to upload pictures and make posters and other projects.


Photo effects toolkit

upload a photo and choose from lots of fun effects!


Citrify - FAVORITE!

This is a GREAT site for photo editing!!!


Fun Photo Box

Upload a photos and add effects



Another site to upload photos and add effects.


Survey Monkey 



This site lets you use your question/answer information and put it into fun game formats. There are all kinds of templates and games already created!


Teacher/student "Cheat Sheets"

This site has LOTS of useful information and cheat sheets for students and teachers on many topics!





You can record audio on this site, then embed it into your webpage


Elementary Resources


















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