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Mimio Teach - Turns any dry erase whiteboard into an interactive system!

     Click here for Site and Instructions for the Mimio







     Intermediate Userguide




e-Instruction Training Resources and Videos


Mobi quick start guides:


Interwrite Mobi Getting Started.pdf  


Clicker - User Guides:




Interwrite Dualboard User Guide


e-Instruction downloads

In order to use your Mobi &/or Interwrite board you will need to download software FIRST:


  • Click on the e-Instruction downloads link above.
  • Scroll down to  Workspace and select DOWNLOAD 

                     As you are downloading the software you may get a note on your toolbar saying it is blocked. Click on the toolbar and click download file.  

  • As it gives you options of RUN or SAVE, click RUN
  • When you have the option of COMPLETE or CUSTOM download click COMPLETE
  • When you use workspace for the first time you will need to enter an activation code  ask your building tech or the Technology Department for the code.


  • Go back to e-Instruction downloads. Scroll down to  Workspace Content and select DOWNLOAD. This will have all of the graphics and interactive software.  This is a VERY big file but well worth the space.


  • If you want to use the Clickers (each building has at least one set to share) you will need to download CPS Software.


  • If you have trouble downloading ask your building technology person or the Technology Department. 





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